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The effect of kelp is rife, fight for instance radiation and thin body and beautify hair etc, kelp still has a name to call Jiang Bai dish, belong to alga food, also a lot of people can undertake breed aquatics in foreland, the Potassium that there still is a lot of in kelp and iodine and a variety of mineral, so exceedingly welcome, the kelp that sells on the market nevertheless is dry commonly, because of such not incidental metamorphism, so how does the kelp that bubble sends want to save?

The kelp that bubble sends wants how to be saved

The first, how does the kelp that bubble sends want to save? Every a few pieces of shops that the deal that put apart has now goes are together roll into coils. Coil the kelp that has coiled put in last same pattern coils to furl like bedclothes on film. place useful last the kelp that film has coiled coils in putting freezer refrigerant save. Hank should be taken out to change aspic to be able to be used directly only when eating.

The kelp that bubble sends wants how to be saved

The 2nd, the kelp that buys on the market is dry kelp for the most part, the reason that pollutes as a result of seawater contains arsenic the volume is higher, immerse so the amount containing arsenic that can reduce kelp. Kelp is the food with a kind of nice smell, already but cold and dressed with sause can do boiling water again. But answer before edible immerse again after in the van is abluent, nextShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Issue immersing water and kelp boiler to do soup edible together. The manna alcohol that can avoid dissolve Yu Shuizhong so and certain vitamin are discarded need not, saved the active ingredient in kelp thereby. 2 ~ immerse 3 hours with clear water before cooking, change a few times amongShanghai night net

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Water. To make sure kelp is fresh and tender and goluptious, boil about 15 minutes with clear water can time shoulds not be too long.

The kelp that bubble sends wants how to be saved

The 3rd, kelp nutrition is rich boil not easily regrettablly soft, the bases brown algin because of it is not easy dissolve at water. However brown alga glue is easy however dissolve Yu Jian, alkalescent Shi Hezao should be contained in water glue will be bibulous expand and molten. According to this one characteristic the usable bleb that clean out rice sends kelp, wash easy hair, easily already, burn when boiling easy also soft. Still can boiling kelpForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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A few edible is added when alkaline or sodium bicarbonateFall in love with the sea

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, but the attention is added alkaline cannot overmuch, boiled time also cannot grow too, when boiling, can use1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The hand tries clutch soft hard, once boil soft instantly cease-fire.

How does the kelp that bubble sends want to save? Boil the dry kelp that come out not to eat, save with respect to need rise. Accuse kelp to do moisture, roll into kelp coils, press a code put away, aspic is in freezer freezer compartment, eat at any time, it is OK to be taken at any time, exceedingly convenient.

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