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Ormosia is the common legume in our food, most the method that often has boils congee namely, ormosia has higher nutrient value, but ormosia and what collocation are best? Ormosia has the effect of dehumidify, matching with the seed of Job’s tears so is best choice. Of course, besides the seed of Job’s tears, still can boil congee with red jujube collocation, such collocation suits each ages paragraph, pregnant woman and children are OK also edible.

 Ormosia and what collocation are best

Above all we recommend everybody to eat ormosia and red jujube collocation together, this dispute often has a way pretty good. Rich iron element is contained in Gong Zaozhong, ormosia also contains rich iron element, both photograph is built, can help element of people complement iron, be helpful for enriching the blood, it is OK very a lot of enrich the blood beneficial enrages, for frailer to the body friends, eating ormosia is pretty good.

And still can match with the seed of Job’s tears when eating ormosia. The seed of Job’s tears and ormosia collocation are helpful for us connecting convenience make water, eliminate toxin, help us reduce the phenomenon of body oedema, it is our solutionNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Definitely the optimal method of oedema problem, also be helpful to health.

 Ormosia and what collocation are best

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Of Jian is an ormosia and wax gourd collocation ate together, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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This also is one pretty good has a way. We ormosiaNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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With wax gourd tie-in move eats be helpful for us falling fire sees hot weather, moist our the five internal organs, the beneficial that raise a stomach is lienal, OK still and moist our skin, give the skin compensatory moisture, maintain skin health, can let flavour become better, taste the effect that to us human body also can have health care.

 Ormosia and what collocation are best

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Ormosia suits to use cooking to eat into Shang Pin very much, recommend everybody to mix ormosia so dace or carp edible of soup of a Bao, have the effect of very good diuresis detumescence, also be the dietotherapy effective prescription with Mondayish empty of remedial n/med beriberi, ascites, body, the flavour that such tasting also is pretty good, can let while ormosia tastes more delicate, also more preserve one’s health.

Eating ormosia is pretty good, but when eating ormosia, also should notice tie-in ability goes, these ormosia that introduce above have a way, to us health has profit, can have a nourishing effect very well, make effect of alimental preserve one’s health stronger, at the same time we can eat ormosia to return the OK and very good effect that has preserve one’s health so, everybody should eat more.

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