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There are a lot of children to often can appear in work the phenomenon with aching genital, this moment parentsLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Must look after children to go to a hospital in time undertaking checking, if do not have well treat to the child, the genital that can bring about the child probably is sent no longer Yo and appear a few genital are smallish, perhaps can not grow normally, the influence is very big, so how is children genital fond of this to do?

 Children genital aches

Cheeper occurrence genital aches also is commonner phenomenon, especially boy, some moment can like to move back and forth oneself genital, this also isA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Become, cause bacterial infection very easily at that time, bring about genital to ache, besides this kind of circumstance, the child is in at ordinary times public, if carelessly the individual is wholesome, also may cause alternate infection, this also is bigger to the child’s harm, as the parent for, must avoid this kind, once appear,be fond of infection, want seasonable treatment.

1, the genital that a lot of darling like to move his inside period of time, this is the curiosity be caused by of darling. Next, it is such behavior lets darling feel very comfortable likely, this also give no cause for more criticism, butForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Should let darling know such movement very not wholesome. But do not rebuke in a stern voice, the action of aggrandizement reachs since the meeting only so, can try the method of force of try out prescind, let darling pay close attention to other activities. Slowly, this kind of phenomenon meets most darling disappear by oneself.

 Children genital aches

2, the another account that darling uses genital may be uncomfortable, the briefs that perhaps darling wears is closer, or genital has pain case. Encounter this kind of situation, parents does not let the child be worn too much too hot, appropriate wears more comfortable underwear, avoid the external genital organs of underwear attrition child, the cleanness that maintains external genital organs at the same time is wholesome. If bine of pinworm, bag or perineal ministry eczema wait, the child can itch because of local Sao and often chafe chickling chicken, should look after children go to a hospital treating.

 Children genital aches

Boy genital aches is what reason

Wear briefs to darling

Appropriate briefs can reduce the child to contact genital. Wear briefs to be able to prevent a bacteria to inbreak the body of darling, prevent the symptom such as vulva infection. Wear briefs to be able to develop the independent character of darling, because of briefs transverse reaching fore-and-aft size is identical, so of darling start work ability and observation ability greatly can increase, also can let darling learn other to the gender acknowledge. Accordingly the child had better wear briefs before 3 years old, if possible word, wear earlier more beneficial to darling.

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