[darling self-awareness is sensitive period] – of characteristic of _ of darling of _ self-awareness _

Article introduction

Darling is in a year old half when what can have self-awareness is sensitive period, and self-awareness is sensitive period the environment with go up normal to child growing road, so the parent need not worry too, adjust what should have done above all with respect to the psychology that is the child and build, because be oppositeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Wait for each Xiang Min of the child to feel, it is very important actuallyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
, as it is the youth that goes experiencing the child traitorous period same, be brought up till the child so the take charge of a department alone with adult correct ability.

Darling self-awareness is sensitive period

What is self-awareness is sensitive period

What is self-awareness sensitive period? Darling can begin one year old to have self-awareness when the left and right sides partly, and self-awareness is sensitive period it is a normal link on child growing road, parents are not afraid.

A lot of treasure Mom discover, be being controlled in two years old in darling is can appear indocile with obdurate behavior, a lot of parents think this is a kind of ” the behavior of traitorous ” , it is actually fromForum of Shanghai noble baby

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My consciousness is sensitive period outstanding performance.

Self-awareness is sensitive period from 1-2 year old begin budding, it is 2-3 apparently most year old, the west also has person such two years old are “Terrible Two” , and the presence that also has Horrible Three. Dot always is not constant persistence ground to distinguish ” in this period your ” , ” my ” , ” this kind of place belongs to his ” authority issue, this also is them cognitive ego and all round the process that the thing concerns.

And in this period, darling peopleNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
What can understand parents almost is complimentary with criticism, also be fond of particularly at the same time project oneself and ask a question. The attention that they yearn for to get another person, admit or accept, like, wait for means to reveal his through attitude of verbal, body, countenance then, get the affirmation of other thereby, gain cheerful affection experience.

Darling self-awareness is sensitive period

This shows, in this period, treasure Mom can feel normally very have a headache, do not know how to should be taught and guide darling. However, this period that allows most parent to have a headache also is darling people individual character development and the important period that understand oneself.

Self-awareness is sensitive period behave

Respecting self-awareness is sensitive period expression, most darling will be special to article droit persistent, do not allow others to change her thing at will. Other show, small make up take parents to understand nowForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Self-awareness is sensitive period happen after the child is born 1 year old to arrive 3 years old partly, main show is divisional my with you, I and your bounds, and also can say ” to others not ” .

In the child eye of this period, him thing is him, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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And do not like to be shared with other. These behavior are in parents are incorrect in the eye, bad-mannered, but this is the child is building you, I, he 3 person relation, the process that establish matter right concerns, and judgement is mixed begin to decide way of oneself human relation association, and in the process they need to get respect.

This period, the parent returns meeting discovery, if do not have contented darling requirement or disagreement their intention, they can cry to be troubled by greatly greatly. Additional, parents can discover darling begins to like to look in the mirror, the name that can make oneself when oneself see on the photograph, mood becomes more wait for these little change.

Darling self-awareness is sensitive period

Altogether, children self-awareness is sensitive period behave even if be complete it is a center with ego, be the thing distinguishs oneself and an other support of the people to come. Self-awareness is sensitive period basically include consciousness of droit of experience of mood of ego understanding, ego, ego, ego to command 4 respects.

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