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Below normal circumstance, everybody can drop a few hairs everyday, especially shampoo or do up one’s hair when, can drop a few hairs more or less, this most is normal phenomenon, but if drop the word with very serious hair everyday, the hair that time grew the top of head is met less and less, this is abnormal phenomenon, bring about the reason of the hair to have physiology sex with pathology sex, the hair of some people grows to be dropped morer more, occurrence what problem is this?

Why many what the hair grows more?

Why many what the hair grows more?

1. outside force is affected

Can appear because,the hair grows to send more phenomenon more is outside force action, disturb or destroy of the outside can bring about a hair to drop.

The metropolis in growing the person of hair to wait for trifling matters of everyday life in daily do up one’s hair, shampoo gets a few traction and attrition force. Grow the person of hair to be in for example wake up the meeting after shut-eye discovers the hair has a lot of to be in knot, and a dozen knots fix the hairA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Be in surely comb when can comb very hard suitable, so that be in the process of do up one’s hair,the hair can be fallen off thereby by the drag of the comb.

The schoolgirl of very much long hair likes to comb horsetail, and meet tighten what horsetail combs high again again. And the hair is changed by the meeting after the drag in of leather muscle become loose, the hair that in the course that drops horsetail muscle of pick off skin meeting general shakes along with all the others tear down. If plunge into very close horsetail for a long time, hold tight is worn scalp, the blood of the head can be illogical circularly free, also can make a hair fall off. And the schoolgirl of bingle is nonexistent this kind of circumstance, after all their hair is to plunge into do not have a horse1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Of end.

Why many what the hair grows more?

2. faultLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Become aware

Mentioned a hair in front grow with fall off to depend on wool bursa, have nothing to do with the accident of the hair. So apparently look the hair grows trichomadesis to jump over much actually more is not such.

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Show, and long hair pile will to be able to appear the hair is very much. This phenomenon with so much hair sees from the surface, not be from the calculative on true measure. And long hair drops more apparent also, and bingle drops someplace is not very easy by discovery.

Why many what the hair grows more?

3. takes off hair disease

It is long hair or bingle no matter, its are daily trichomadesis amount all is normal trichomadesis amount below in 100. The growth of the hair and dropping is to have periodic, everyday the hair grows to can the hair drops. When daily lose one’s hair the quantity exceeded 100, this was about to notice, but be,be not normal lose one’s hair.

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When trichomadesis amount is more than 100 far, the proposal undertakes checking to the hospital. The idea of the trichomadesis initial stage that hero takes off and type of other lose one’s hair is similar, after arriving onlyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Period ability can show the trait that hero takes off. But the earlier treatment effect that hero takes off this kind of disease to discover is better, want to always note oneself trichomadesis amount so.

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