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Article introduction

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Dark heavy because skin existence compares much pigment,this kind of circumstance is likely or dirt, we should want to notice facial ministry cutaneous is clean, can use the grandma that wash a face to undertake cleaning, and the makeup that the female that often makes up needs to clean clean face ministry in the late evening pink, can prevent the situation with skin occurrence yellow hair so. Cause the skin dark heavy reason is more, everybody can understand the content of this article introduction.

Why the skin is dark heavy

1. cleanness does not reach the designated position

A lot of darling people always use face of a clean to breed only, do not know to want discharge makeup, or the neglect as a result of oneself, cause the hoard for speculation on the skin the cutin of a lot of Laofei corner and the impurity of a few remain that protect skin, if remain is on our face,resemble these things, it is to affect us so what skin hair fizzles out is formerForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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So one.

Why the skin is dark heavy

2. skin is dry lack water

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Skin is in a condition that lacks water, so our cell is met shrivelled, make the skin lost glossiness, resemble a discharge angry balloon, our cutaneous moisture, it is the movement that can promote our cell, so once our skin lacks water, meet on the face complexion is dark yellow.

3. is prevented do not bask in reach the designated position

The place that wants bright only has ultraviolet ray, very much darling people think short of sun, perhaps want me not to go out only, need not prevent surely bask in, actually this is wrong. Our skin is physiological tell us, it has the skin the function that ego protects, the skin that becomes us so was not done prevent when basking in, want to have ultraviolet ray only, once the skin receives harm, our skin can secrete black always to protect us oneself. So, if do not have1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Have prevent the skin that bask in, also can suffer the effect of melanin naturally, the skin becomes dark yellow dot.

Why the skin is dark heavy

Work and rest of 4. undesirable life

For instance present a lot of people do not love sport, blood circulates not free make skin hair easily yellow. But staying up late is very hurt the body, making the skin becomes yellow commonly is in the evening arrived at 10 o’clock before dawn the time that 3 o’clock is poison of platoon of our human body, if we this time paragraph not well rest, so our bodyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The toxin inside cannot normal eduction outside our body, can make our skin hair yellow from this.

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