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Only state bleb is a kind of disease that a few virus contract, it provides the infectivity with certain stock, we cannot undertake with patient of only state bleb the skin is contacted, and the skin of berpes zoster patient can appear red Sao is urticant, we should want to notice cutaneous is wholesome, especially the bleb that sexual behavior causes, we should want to avoid to have sexual life. We let come along belowForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Bleb of the shape that solve sheet the contagion of this kind of disease what does the way have.

 Is only state bleb infected

Can be bleb infected

A lot of people are met doubt, can be bleb infected? Bleb1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Be affected as a result of virus and cause, normally so it is communicable. Some bleb are normalForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Meeting immunity drops the person, but berpes zoster can be affected when power of human body immunity is low.

Some bleb are having very apparent infectivity, for instance genital bleb, through sexual behavior direct contact infects it.

What reason causes bleb

Bleb is a kind of common skin sex disease, contact transmission through the skin normally, still can travel through the kiss. Virus of II pure herpes is the virus that causes genital bleb, through the gender the contact travels. Genital bleb is a kind venereal and main undertake infectious through the gender, also put in the reason of a few indirect sexes of course.

1, haemal infection

Haemal infection injects by vein or blood transfusion is caused, its reason is the patient entered equipment of what medical treatment to be not perfected more, medical treatment establishment is pallet, the small clinic with doctor non-standard behavior, the blood transfusion action that black clinic has treat or is in an individual the purpose undertakes.

 Is only state bleb infected

2, the gender is affected

It is more affect behaviour by what place of abnormal of the same branch of a family causes between the men and women. When healthy person and the person that have sexual disease produce sexual behavior, because genital official chafes, pass pathogen to the other side.

3, receiveForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Touch infection

Still can pass a contact to affect, the mucous membrane of the skin that patient of healthy crowd bring into contact with damages, pathological changes or when secretion, possible also meeting causes infection.

4, air transmission

This basically is virus of I pure herpes but jumbly fly at the saliva of lip bleb patient in foam, suspension in air, by normal person inspiratory respiratory tract and if kiss with the patient,arouse person of infection; health, be infected likely directly; if when the patient makes oral sex conduct for healthy person, the virus that lip ulcer handles also can pass into the genital of the other side.

5, mother baby travels

Pregnant woman suffers from1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Send bleb formerly or transmit virus likely when recrudescent bleb fetal. It is direct when the vagina labors transmission, its transmission is led (suffer infection fetally to lead namely) it is when sending bleb formerly 50% , it is when recrudescent sex bleb 8% .

 Is only state bleb infected

The probability that latter is affected low, because the mother’s body has had antibody,be, can protect fetal, reduce the chance that its affect. Way of additionally one kind of transmission is to carry haemal transmission, carry disease when pregnant womanShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
When poison, the virus in blood can enter fetal system through placenta inside.

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