[it is to cannot drill below what circumstance of gem gal] –

Article introduction

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Body looks so not rigid, and behave more a few more downily. In the life that accordingly gem gal culture entered people, a lot of friends that practiced gem galLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Fell in love with this motion deeply. So what circumstance cannot Where is Lian Yuga? Taking this question that everybody raises, next time asks friends to have a look with me together.

It is to cannot drill below what circumstance of gem gal

1, have blood caky disease person, avoid to practice gem gal. The movement of gem gal needs to place, limbs extend is turned round, the likelihood in the process brings about end blood stream to decrease, bring about blood more easily caky and serious, cause heart blood-vessel disease.

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2, osteoporosis person, the exercise should take care. Some movements of gem gal must use a hand or the limbs such as the foot props up the weight of the body, if have an osteoporosis, probable because of core flesh group strength is good without training, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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When elbow of as a result is propped up, not careful fracture.

3, the person that vertebral surge disease, interverbebral disc is highlighted, should avoid the waist excessive bend. In a few actions with gem the mainest gal, “The type that do obeisance to day ” namely among them one of, the person that practice must curve the waist downward, the person that have vertebral surge disease right now, the likelihood is brought about because of such movement vertebral once more surge; or it is the person that interverbebral disc is highlighted, likely also because of bowed movement inadvertent, and cause lower limbs nerve to oppress more serious.

4, body state does not heal at the beginning of beautiful, a serious illness, fracture initial stage is unfavorable exercise gem gal. Gem gal needs the circumstance of body in order to fall, ability is achieved exercise function and flesh group effect, if body situation is bad, muscle, articulatory, ligament cannot produce power, of exercise gem gal whenForum of Shanghai night net

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Await, get hurt very easily.

5, after anteprandial meal gem gal is not done inside a hour. The behavioral need body of gem gal bends turn round, because gem gal is not done inside this hour after anteprandial meal, the ongoing appetite that does gem gal had better decrease, lest increase gastric ministry burden.

Content of a few paragraphs of characters is above we introduced what circumstance in detail to cannot drill gem gal, here I hope heartily to friends of this respect interrogative can read the content above seriously, there just are deeper knowledge and more skilled assurance to these circumstances in the heart thereby. Expression does not want to get close benefit of too previous work in the process that I hope everybody is practicing gem gal of course, and should insist ceaselessly to had made every motion.

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