Japan is rolled out ” beautiful girl soldier ” a hamburger wants thematic formula 93 yuan

Begin from April 16, japanese Tokyo the fabaceous man hare of region of 6 wood country (さ of ち び う ) coffee will be rolled out a series of with ” moon of beautiful girl soldier ” the meal that gives priority to a problem. Included the effervescent hamburger of this pink on head graph among them, the moon of the girl that it is the United States that is weighed is tailor-made hamburger. If you plan this time paragraph in Japan the journey mights as well have a try.

If you return a home to unseal,the embark upon a political venture that dish rolls out is tasted newly, remember profundity to the hamburger of that pink certainly. And recently, the 11 divisions people that can play very much also had new pink Chinese 8 and still be a painful hamburger.

What should say of course is, this hamburger price is as high as 1 actually, 600 (add up to a RMB about 93 yuan of) , even if is the name that represents a moon, this is too expensive also

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