” boxing emperor 14 ” day of day edition put on sale is announced passion was detonated on August 25, 2016

To fistfight lover, the series below SNK Playmore banner is made newly ” boxing emperor 14(The King Of Fighters XIV) ” it is the work that they can miss least of all. Day intermediary electrical shock announced this PS4 platform to make the date of put on sale that is in Japan newly now on August 25, 2016.

” boxing emperor 14 ” story happening is in the ground of distant those piece later, in boxing emperor in 13 ending, a is repaired disappear because of time paradox, recapture of 8 gods hut the strength that attributes oneself, 14 stories begin boxing emperor.

” boxing emperor 14 ” optional part amounts to many 50, include numerous series part and new part, include SNK ” Dragon Gal ” sweet honey and Kukeli, the government announces new role every week premonitory, so full lineup part can be opened entirely in May. Game will land PS4 platform.

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