Royalty treasury enjoys law exposure! ” legend is lasting ” Sichuan hill is taken grab a code now

At this late hour, ” legend is lasting ” attracted surmount attention of 400 thousand player, not what cutout archives checks is open had let player of 10 more than legend find attributive. Borrow Sichuan hill is taken newly now during grabbing a code, those who bring royalty treasure house is brand-new video playing a way, uncover secret the mysterious veil of great robber of greedy Prince of the Devils and treasury.

1) charges a cost after 198 yuan of successes, you will obtain legend eternity 1 area [Sichuan hill] not cutout archives checks a qualification, reach value 136.8 yuan (228 hours) playtime.

3) every Zhang date can activation only a server checks a qualification, be like: You already had a ray to take test qualification, can no more activation other take test qualification.

Odd-numbered days of signal of 4) odd Zhang is restricted only one sheet, can be after next sheet in detail full a cost examine order state. If issueing sheet 30 minutes inside half-baked pay, the system regards as abandon actively buying, cannot issue sheet again that day.

Royalty treasury is the player participates in one of popular activities eagerly, whenever Zhou Er, Zhou Si, 21 Saturday: 00 ~ 22: 00, treasury will admit nearly 10 thousand players to contend for the treasure chest that BOSS drops at the same time. In treasury the player can look clear only all round an eccentric person around and enemy, need answers the PK of an eccentric person that appears and disappear randomly and on the verge of breaking out carefully!

The greedy Prince of the Devils that has amount of 5000 freeboard blood is the culminating BOSS of guard royalty treasury, at the same time again move pole fights a gender high, push Prince of the Devils the puissant output profession such as indispensable rabbi. Every other the refresh in 15 minutes of treasury a BOSS, beat BOSS to be able to drop royalty treasure chest, the player that enters treasure house at the same time is more, dropping treasure chest is more.

Outside dividing BOSS, every other in 5 minutes of treasury random refresh 20 treasury great robber, once great robber suffers attack instantly everywhere flee in disorder, pursueing and attack while should be besieged carefully by an eccentric person. According to small compile the test data that obtains, attack kill a great robber to be able to be obtained about 50000 even more gold coin the great robber of this treasury by small make up contracted!

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