Feather ball inferior bright and beautiful contest rings down the curtain Chinese team carries off 3 coronals

(reporter Yu Guohua) yesterday, in Wuhan sports center, 2017 badminton inferior bright and阿爱上海同城

beautiful contest falls next heavy curtain, below Chinese team behead male double, mix double with the male single 3 champion. Chinese female sheet is in current race, without the least bit improvement, make a person anxious.

Mix pair of strong points that are China all the time, in current inferior bright and beautiful contest mixes double fina爱上海同城

l in阿拉爱上海同城

, lu Kai / Huang Yaqiong is leaving bureau 0: 6 backward adverse circumstances fall to adjust position in time, final with 2: 0 conquer Thailand combines Dechaboer / Sasili, pick laurel. This is Lu Kai / Huang Yaqiong mixes Shuang Guanjun in the 4th when this sports season obtains.

Male single match, chinese heart is compared, chen Long 2: 1 conquer Lin Dan. Female only c上海千花网

ompetition, dai Ziying of Chinese Taipei player i阿爱上海同城

s opposite a Japanese player mountain pass alizarin red, dai Ziying ranks the world now the first, mountain pass world the 5th, open bureau phase, dai Ziying is hit not suitably, big score is backward, with 18: 21 play away head bureau. But Dai Ziying jumps over defeat to jump over brave, the latercomers surpass the formers, 2: 1 conquer mountain pass, win championship.

Male double final, also be Chinese heart match, result Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen 2: 0 conquer Huang Kaixiang / Wang Yi law carries off laurel.

Japan sets record of Song Youmei assist / Gao Qiaoli China female Shuang Guanjun of successful Wei Mian, they are in finals 上海夜网

with 2: The Jin Huilin of 1 conquer Korea / Liu Haiyuan.

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