Silver-colored inspect will be severe check divert consumption to borrow encourage use at raising dweller living standard

Original title: Silver-colored inspect will be severe check divert consumption to borrow

Superintendency layer intensifies be on guard once more estate bubble risk. A few days ago, can careful regulation makes silver-colored inspect look forward to of bureau director Xiao Yuan is since this year banking moves reach superintendency situation the bulletin points out on the meeting, superintendency layer fathers severity check divert to consume loan fund, be on guard estate bubble risk.

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ike far look forward to to express, the group that finance consumes is bigger, it is the client target with main bank, also be the main business of爱上海

the bank, each bank takes seriously very much, consumptive loan increasing ratio is faster this year. The individual that urges a bank to extend consumes loan to be used at buying a large amount of is able to bear or endure to use to taste, use at education, travel to wait, the convenience sex of the living standard that raises a dweller further and service.

Actually, there are many financial orgnaizations上海千花网龙凤论坛

to run lax division to consuming loan fund before this, brought about consumptive loan fund to flow to the phenomenon of the domain such as the stock market, estate finally. Severity is severe check divert to consume loan fund, also be one of important step that ensure finance is safe.

Want to prevent dweller爱上海同城手机版

leverage to cross fast rise. Be like far look forward to to say, the United States second the lesson with borrow the crisis to have very important, the person that borrows money to doing not have ability to repay namely extends loan, push tall dweller leverage, want to avoid such liability.

Subsequently, on September 19, near future of bureau of silver-colored inspect of branch of people bank Guangzhou, Guangdong already to commercial bank dispatch, the requirement must not extend amount exceeds 1 million yuan, or the consumption that deadline exceeds 10 years borrows money, and forbidden extend without appoint use consumption to borrow. Meanwhile, shenzhen near future also published consumption to borrow normative上海同城对对碰交友社区


Data shows, asset of domestic bank a person of same business and indebted in pairs is 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

contractive this year, be come from 2010 first. Among them, product of conduct financial transactions is added fast successive 7 months drop, conduct financial transactions of a person of same business this year already accumulative total reduces 2.2 trillion yuan, entrust loan to give now to fall first since 2008, add 760 billion yuan less compared to the same period this year. (reporter Jiang Fan)

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