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Rice this is to suffer person gay quite a kind of food, because its mouthfeel is pretty good,be not just because its are low-cost,return, have very good full abdomen sense to human body. When people is having rice, be to should a few other provision accompany those who eat, have a lot of choices, add rice of bit of coarse food grain, coloured, legume for instance also or yam, potato is waited a moment, no matter which kind of have a few profit to human body, so below will introduce in detail what to add inside rice delicious.

 What to add inside rice delicious

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Rice of unpolished rice, coloured

Unpolished rice is one kind did not grind treatment through essence of life, the rice of the part such as the seed coat that withheld paddy, burnt bisque, it is contained more rich vitamin, mineral with prandial fiber.

In rice of essence of life Jiashangyi nods unpolished rice, can promote alvine path peristalsis, compensatory vitamin not only, full abdomen feels strong still, taste mouthfeel is pretty good also.

Still have the rice of a few coloured, for instance violet rice, black rice, multicolored rice, look to have appetite.

2.Add bit of coarse food grain and miscellaneous beans

All sorts of coarse food grain, for instance broomcorn rice, oaten rice, buckwheat rice, also can add into rice. Ormosia, gram, kidney bean also can be mixed rice is thoroughlied cook together.

Join the rice of miscellaneous beans of coarse food grain, have more chew interest, and can alleviate effectively after eatSh of Shanghai Long Feng forumShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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blood sugar reaction, easier and satiate, can help control blood sugar and hematic fat level.

 What to add inside rice delicious

3.The potato that increase a point kind

The rich amyloid such as yam, potato, yam, pumpkin feeds capable person, also can boil together with rice. These prandial fiber that feed capable person normally not low, defecate not the friend of free mights as well try.

Eat together with rice, the blood sugar after can yielding meat on one hand is elevatory a bit slower, on the other hand, also can more very full, rise to control the function of weight thereby.

Choose to rice

Delicious again nutrition

Various rice make a person dazzling. But as a whole, according to the breed of paddy, can divide it is these 3 kinds.

1.Jing (rice of J ī Ng)

Grain weak point is round, agglutinant moderate, also cry so ” short bead rice ” .

Suit to be used cook or boil congee, the northeast rice that often mentions, it is rice.

 What to add inside rice delicious

2.Xian (rice of Xi ā N)

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Polished long-grained nonglutinous rice also is called ” long bead rice ” , it looks those who compare rice more slender, agglutinant poorer.

The rice that place of and other places of area of our country southern part, Taiwan, India produces is polished long-grained nonglutinous rice mostly, thailand aromatic rice also belongs to this kind.

3.Polished glutinous rice

The characteristic with the mainest polished glutinous rice is agglutinant big, use the zhongzi that make, rice cake, stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup to wait normally.

Rice and polished long-grained nonglutinous rice can make appetizing rice, specific choose which kinds, basically read yourself’s taste.

Like a few softer, agglutinant a few bigger rice, perhaps like to drink congee, might as well try rice more. If like mouthfeel slightly hard rice, or fry a meal, polished long-grained nonglutinous rice alsoForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Making is better choice.

Bit of polished glutinous rice is added in rice, the meal is met normally sweeter moreFall in love with the sea

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Sweet. But should notice a bit: The digestive rate of polished glutinous rice is rapid, response of the blood sugar after eat is very fast, go against the blood sugar control of diabetic person.

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