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A lot of people like to drink congee at ordinary times, some people often should cook congee breakfast or dinner comes edible, the sort of congee is very much, and the practice also is rife, different congee is different to person body health, some people like to use congee of big bone Bao, not only nutrition is rich, be digested very easily still to absorb by human bodyShanghaiForum of Shanghai night net

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, also be rife to healthy gain, the practice of bone congee also is rife, the practice of bone Bao congee introduces below.

The practice encyclopedia of bone Bao congee

The practice encyclopedia of bone Bao congee

Practice one

Advocate makings: 500g of pig big bone, salt is right amount, liquor, soya bean, water melon piece, caraway


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1, first pig bone abluent, with liquor and saline castrate of spay salty, put in fire to bake directly next to dry water. Take, rinse is clean, air, stand-by;

2, thoroughly cook soya bean with brine, fry again dry, stand-by;

3, the pig bone of above and soya bean and rice issue boiler to boil congee; together

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4, after congee bottom has been boiled, join fresh water melon piece with caraway, so, one boiler is appetizing just wrote down congee of salty pig bone to be able to come on stage ceremoniously.

The practice encyclopedia of bone Bao congee

Practice 2

Advocate makings: Pig big bone, salt, rice, ginger piece


1, after rice is washed clean, put freezer cold storage late ahead of schedule, use the congee that boil the following day, particularly fast;

2, put right amount water, of the previous night already the salty pig bone that salt has made also enters rice within;

3, mix is even, put Jiang Pian;

4, as a result of pressure Bao whole process need not have a lid, so this moment also puts in salt together;

5, next pressure cooker moves that to the congee that boil locally, be finished!

Small stick person: The salty pig bone that such Bao come out boils even bone softly soft, marrow also can be sucked.

Practice 3

Advocate makings: Mussel 30 grams, salty pig bone 100 grams, rice 1 cup, green is right amount, ginger is right amount, oil is right amount, be born smoke right amount


1, mussel is abluent immerse with Wen Shui night, pig bone is abluent behead mix with salt divide evenly is put bloat in freezer night;

2, mussel cuts bead, green is mincing, ginger section, add oil and unripe smoke mix divide evenly. Want sweeter can put into boiler to fry fry;

3, rice is abluent add Bao of right amount water to leave, the mussel with put processing good and salty pig bone continue Bao becomes congee can.

The practice encyclopedia of bone Bao congee

The nutrient effect of congee of salty pig bone

1, pig bone is divided outside containing protein, adipose, vitamin, still contain sticky protein of calcium of many phosphoric acid, ossein, bone to wait.

2, pig bone contains the element such as calcic, phosphor, iron, the quantity of heat of protein and generation also prep above pork, spinal cord bone more contain raise a share high, the characteristic with rich, simple and honest mouthfeel lets nutrition it makes the good choice that boils Shang Shi. The pig that like picking pig bone, grows with growth period is beautiful, slaughter those who take out to compare now refrigerant those who save is good, fresh it is bought focal point. With a prescription for a medical decoction of pig bone infusion when, can join lean lean of right amount , add fleshy flavor.

3, pig bone sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, salty, enter classics of lienal, stomach, have airframe of intestines and stomach of filling disposition, embellish, unripe body fluid, abundant, lustre the skin, beneficial in filling is angry, raise blood the effect of be good at bone. Children often drinks bone boiling water, the material such as the ossein with indispensible place of can seasonable compensatory human body, enhance medullary hematopoiesis function, the growth that conduces to skeleton development, the adult is drunk can defer consenescence.

4, pig bone namely the bone of pig of pig division animal. We often of edible is chop and shank. The Shang Xinghan that boil is cool, can strong lumbar genu, increase effort, fill frail, strong bones and muscles. If taste empty is cold, digest the person that owes beautiful to feed, easy cause gastric bowel full bilge or diarrhoea, reason should join ginger in bone soup or peppery. Levigation of charcoal of pig bone forge criterion the gender is lukewarm, have stop have diarrhoea action of filling bone of be good at stomach.

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