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Article introduction

Orange juice a lot of dot like to drink this kind of beverage most, because orange juice acerbity acid is sweet,basically be, can increase appetite, and orange juice is to be able to prevent cardiovascular disease and compensatory vitamin C, so the proper juice that drink orange has profit. The effect of orange juice is more, to preventing cancer and preventing uric road to affect also isNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Helpful, what does the effect that suggests everybody can understand orange juice have.

The effect of orange juice

1, disease of precautionary heart and vessels. Orange contains many vitamin C and carotene, can bate and protection are hemal, stimulative blood circulates, still can defy carcinogen. Consider to show, drink juice of 3 cups of orange to be able to increase the high density inside body to spend lipoprotein everyday (the content of HDL) , be helpful for low density lipoprotein (outside LDL) eduction body. And kind of yellow ketone and citrin are contained inside orange juice, can promote HDL to increase, reduce those who reduce cardiovascular disease to come on thereby odds.

The effect of orange juice

2, infection of the road that defend make water. Orange juice can be reduced urethral in bacterial amount, make produce what uric road affects to produce odds to decrease. The vitamin C in orange juice can raise the acidity of uric fluidForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, make the bacterium survives hard.

3, beautiful white skin. With wash face-cloth or make up facial skin is wiped after cotton soaks orange juice, wash with clear water next clean, already OK and clean skin, purify greaseForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, can let skin absorb vitamin C again. But, use orange juice avoids sunshine illuminate as far as possible after clean skin, prevent to blacken.

The effect of orange juice

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4, stimulative medicaments is absorbed. A kind of material that can promote medicaments to absorb is contained in orange juice, increase hematic drug concentration effectively, the absorption that makes medicaments better.

5, additional physical power, after consuming physical power in great quantities drinkable orange juice, among them the fructose with rich content can complement quickly physical strength, the moisture of high content more can satisfy one’s thirst is life-giving.

6, protect intestines and stomach. Orange juice contains some natural polysaccharide, bagLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Draw together is pectic. Can make path of intestines and stomach work normally, pectic return conduce to keep clear of to be mixed as air foodFall in love with the sea

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Enter the harmful material inside body together.

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