[is the quantity of heat of tea-oil tree much taller? ] caloric – of _ of _ nutrition value

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Between our life, the sort that has a lot of tea exists, and tea of avery kind of is having distinct effect and effect, during drinking tea at the same time, also need to notice a lot of item, consult the understanding tea with quite real talent to professional personage even even. Should say the commonnest tea besides black tea be green tea, of course still black tea, white tea waits. So the issue came, does the quantity of heat of tea-oil tree have many after all tall?

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Is the quantity of heat of tea-oil tree much taller?

Tea-oil tree, (Latin name Camellia Olei1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Fera Abel. ) alias: Tea child tea-oil tree of; of tree, tea-seed oil tree, white scented tea belongs to tea division, constant green small tree. Because of its seed but oil expression (tea-seed oil) offer edible, friend name. Clear smell of tea-seed oil color is sweet, nutrition is rich, be able to bear or endure store up, it is oily; of high grade edible also can serve as lube, antirust oil to be used at industry. Pesticide of tea cake since, it is fertilizer, can raise ability of farm store water and pest of rice field of prevention and cure. Peel is the raw material of tannin extract of obtain through refining.

Is the quantity of heat of tea-oil tree much taller?

The content of not saturated fatty acid of tea-seed oil is as high as 90% , far outclass rape oil, peanut oil and soya-bean oil, as one times taller than vitamin E content as olive oil, contain the material of specific physiology active such as camellia glucoside, have extremely high nutrition value. Tea carapace or a kind of good edible bacterium are fostered base. Consider to make clear, tea-oil tree saponin still has curb bacterium and fight oxidation.

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Is the quantity of heat of tea-oil tree much taller?

Tea-oil tree face is use wheat flour vegetable oil to fry to golden, can join first when edible a few water, next agitateA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Into mushy, next reoccupy boiled water rushs. Take money to what cate nags quite people still can join all sorts of accretion to expect, if confiture, walnutmeat, white sugar, sesame seed, melon seeds is waited a moment. If be to use what face of broom corn millet is made and become to be called1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Do tea boiling water.

Pretty of quantity of heat of tea-oil tree face is tall, fat to be afraid of the friends that perhaps reducing weight do not suggest edible. Because reduce weight,be in namely hungry when VIP body is used up adipose. But it is to use up glycogen first when the person is hungry of what, wait for glycogen work out only just can begin to use up adipose. If reduce weight during drinkable tea-oil tree face not quite benefit at reducing weight.

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