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Agaric is very good to human body digestion, can improve constipation, be helpful for discharging poison, OK still embellish lung relieves a cough, also have the beauty’s white effect to the skin, still can improve anaemia, especially to female friend, equal time often can takeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Dot agaric comes health careForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The body, agaric divides a lot of sort, a lot of people compare interrogative agaric is fungus after all, is agaric fungus? Next we look.

Is agaric fungus?

One. WoodFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Is ear fungus?

Agaric, agaric has tremella and black agaric from color cent two kinds, from breed cent to have mix two kinds when breed artificially ferally. The majority that sells on the market is bred artificially, feral black agaric is precious and exiguous, in order to grow Bai Shan black agaric is most famous.

Agaric belongs to true fungus, basically grow in China and Japan. China is northeast agaric and agaric of mountain of the Qin Dynasty for the most part. Agaric already but feral OK and artificial implantation, seminal substance submits form of ear shape, wave of foliaceous or cup shape, thin, brim, wide 3-10 centimeter, thick 2 millimeter left and right sides, with the adherent ministry with the short power with raw side or fine narrowLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Originallying to go up at matrix. Black brown of colour and lustre, softness of quality of a material submits colloid form, thin and bouncy, wet when translucent, dry when systole turns into fragile hard corneous and similar change is simple.

Is agaric fungus?

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2. The effect of black agaric and action

The body of this kind of polysaccharide in agaric also has the effect of the cholesterol in dredge blood-vessel, cleared blood-vessel, can fall so blood sugar, fall hematic fat, prevent thrombosis, disease of precautionary head blood-vessel happens. In agaric phosphatide is qualitative, have nutrition to cerebral cell, because this agaric is very good filling head food. Agaric still has the dietotherapy effect of stomach of the nourishing moisten the respiratory tract, beneficial that raise blood, it is the health food that all sorts of contemporary and civilized disease are like hypertensive, heart disease person so.

Black agaric is a kind of edible bacterium that tastes delicious, nutrition is abounded, contain rich protein, iron, calcic, vitamin, crude fibre, among them protein content and flesh kind quite, iron compares the flesh kind 10 times taller, calcium is the flesh kind 20 times, vitamin B2 is vegetable 10 times above, black agaric still contains a variety of beneficial and amino acid and microelement, be weighed for ” the meat or fish in element ” .

Is agaric fungus?

3. Nutrient value

Black agaric contains protein, adipose, polysaccharide and the element such as calcic, phosphor, iron and carotene, vitaminFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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B1, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid, still contain the nutriment such as phosphatide, sterol. Agaric nutrition is rich, be known as ” the coronal in bacterium ” . Every 100 grams are dry protein is contained in tasting black agaric 9.4 grams, carbohydrate 65.5 grams, calcic 357 milligram, phosphor 201 milligram, iron 185 milligram.

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